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Credence MedSystems

Credence MedSystems is an innovator in injectable drug delivery devices, offering our pharma partners a simplified path to commercialization of a best-in-class delivery system. The Companion Safety Syringe System was born from Credence’s philosophy of Innovation Without Change, allowing our customers to impress and protect their end users while preserving their existing processes, sourcing strategies and preferred primary package components. The Companion is available in luer needle, staked needle and dual chamber reconstitution configurations. The user performs the injection, receives end-of-dose cues and then the needle automatically retracts into the syringe, preventing reuse.

The Credence device platform also includes the Credence Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System, which incorporates automatic real-time monitoring of critical injection data into a reusable ergonomic finger grip. The Connect links to the Credence App on a smart phone and provides a comfortable grip that enhances the usability of any syringe while measuring and transmitting injection progress in real time. Visit Website

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Avient Corporation offers healthcare polymer solutions that help manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and pharmaceutical packaging mitigate risk and accelerate product development. Our Mevopur™ Healthcare Colorants and Formulations portfolio can be used to support brand recognition, drug identification, and increased appeal, while Mevopur™ Healthcare Functional Additives help enhance the properties or performance of plastics used in healthcare applications. They are provided as concentrates (a.k.a. masterbatches) for dilution into the polymer or as ready-to-use formulations. Visit Website



Since 1976, teamtechnik has specialized in assembly and test lines for the e-mobility, medtech and new energy sectors of the future.

Together with HEKUMA, BBS and Kahle teamtechnik is forming the business unit “Production Automation Systems” in the Dürr Group. In its production sites around the world, teamtechnik develops custom automation solutions for complete production processes that set standards in terms of efficiency, safety, reliability and innovation. We are able to do so thanks to our comprehensive service portfolio of platforms and processes, and also our expertise in feeder technology, palletization and software. Visit Website

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